If you know anyone has or works with a child with spastic cerebral palsy, we’d love to talk to you! Please send us an e-mail at contact@mar-designs.com.

MAR Orthotics has developed a patient responsive wrist orthosis for the treatment of spasticity in children with cerebral palsy. This device improves wrist function while ensuring patient comfort by dynamically stretching the joint as the child is falling asleep using a specialized motorized system.

Who we are

We are a team of three engineers with deep expertise in robotics and medical device design. With our years of experience, we are innovating hard in the orthotics market.

Why develop orthoses

Michael was visiting a cerebral palsy (CP) clinic where he was able to observe the interactions between children who have CP, their parents, therapists, doctors, and orthotists. Families were frustrated by how painful it was to wear wrist orthoses. These orthoses are worn by children with CP and are a critical component of their treatment plan to allow for full range of motion as they grow. This was leading to conflict between parents who desperately wanted their children to get the treatment they needed and kids whose orthoses were so painful that they could not fall asleep with them on. Michael realized that with a simple change, we could make a smart, responsive wrist orthosis that is comfortable and relaxed when it is put on, and then stretches out the child at night using an actuator. We believe that by having a more comfortable wrist orthosis, patients will be more compliant and thus have better outcomes overall.